Tioni Group work safety

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Plant Safety

Our team of qualified professionals has a high level of expertise and skills in the areas of:

Lock Outs

Certain items of equipment may be locked out. These safety procedures are to provide protection for both Tioni Group employees and the customers employees.

Safety Lockouts may be applied by Tioni Group employees or by the customers employees. (Do Not Operate) Tags may also be applied by some employees. Only the person who applies a lockout or (Do Not Operate) Tag may remove the lock or tag.

Machine Guarding

A machine guard is a physical barrier that prevents or reduces access to a known danger point. There are many guards through out the plant; you will find guards on all moving parts for your protection.

- Do not operate any equipment unless you are fully trained and authorised to do so.

- Do Not operate any equipment unless all guards are fitted correctly and are in good working order

- Report all defective/ broken guards immediately to the customers representative. (Ensure lock-out tag is present).

Damage to equipment

If any equipment is found damaged or if any employees unintentionally damages equipment, ensure that you notify customers representative as soon as possible.

Any employees intentionally found damaging equipment will be reported to the Gavin Mazzoni, and disciplinary action WILL be taken.

Emergency Response Procedure

As employees of Tioni Group perform duties on many different customers sites, Tioni Group have put the onus on the principle contractor to train Tioni Groups employees in their site specific emergency response procedures that they have in place.

It is the reasonability of each staff member to ensure he/ she has had this training prior to entering the customers premise.

First Response Training

It is the responsibly of Tioni Group to ensure that every employee undergoes first response training (as per Building Safety Regulations 2008) within three working days of commencement of employment and every twelve months thereafter.

Personal Safety

Tioni Group does not allow employees to work if under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.

Any employee who reports for work under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be terminated and sent from the premises.

Rules 1

  • Do not run anywhere on the customers site
  • Do not climb over conveyor belts or other equipment
  • Observe all safety signage on the customers site
  • Do not wear any jewellery when working. This may get caught in equipment
  • Report all situations that may cause potential injury to yourself or other members of employees
  • Do not carry out any job or operate any equipment unless you are fully trained and authorised to do so

Rules 2

  • Do not leave item on ground, these pose as a tripping hazard. Pick items up and place in suitable area
  • Do not operate any equipment unless all guards are present
  • All injuries however minor must be reported to your Gavin Mazzoni, and necessary First Aid or medical treatment obtained
  • Operation of the equipment with (Do not operate) tags in place, or removal/bypass of safety lock outs applied by (without approval) will result in instant dismissal
  • Do not handle, use or mix workplace chemicals or hazardous substances unless you are trained to do so and you are wearing the correct PPE
  • Do not use the compress air to clean any body part or clothing, never direct air or blow rubbish to any person or yourself